UK / Europe Network Meeting

January 16, 2019
London, United Kingdom

The Dart Centre Europe (DCE) organises bi-monthly get-togethers for our UK / Europe network.

These events are by invitation only, for journalists who are fellows or who have attended a DCE retreat. The speakers are mostly practicing journalists, who discuss how their work or topics are relevant to trauma aware journalism. The second half of the evening is dedicated to socialising, catching up with Dart affiliated journalists and meeting new network members. 

Chatham House rules apply at these events to enable sharing of experiences, which is also why we keep them relatively exclusive to our network members. They are encouraged to bring interested colleagues but we ask that they need to register them with us first. 

If you are interested to find out more, please contact our DCE Program Manager Jeanny Gering - [email protected]

The event starts from 6:30pm, the talk and discussion starts at 7pm. 

Our first speaker this year is Veronique Mistiaen  -  journalist and associate trainer at the Constructive Journalism Project. Veronique will explain the concept behind constructive journalism through her own work, and we’ll discuss how those ideas may apply to trauma aware reporting as well.